Activities in Neo Klima

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Things to Do

 During the holiday season, Neo Klima is a great place for fun and exciting activities. From relaxing on our beautiful beaches to exciting boat rides and paddle-board tours, we're sure you'll find something to make your stay a memorable one. Below are some suggestions for you to enjoy during your stay with us.


There are plenty of places to go swimming in Neo Klima at one of our three picturesque beaches. Our waters are warm, deep-blue and crystal clear. There are shallow areas for younger children and plenty of space for serious swimmers.

Everything you need for fun in the water from snorkels to inflatables can be purchased in our local tourist shops.

Stay safe and have a wonderful time.


The waters on the coast of Neo Klima are home to a variety of sea life. There are plenty of fish for those interested in catching their dinner from the port or from one of the beaches. Fishing tackle and other gear can be purchased at our local shop and throughout Skopelos Island. Fishing licences are no enforced along the shoreline, but please check local licensing laws when fishing from the port. There are often squid and octopus near the rocky areas and various species of fish elsewhere. Feel free to ask locals for advice on the best techniques to use while fishing around Neo Klima.

Boats are also available for hire from the port (even without a licence!)  from which you can spend a day fishing on open water.


For divers (professionals and beginners) there are lots of interesting reefs and a few wrecks to explore. Skopelos Island is home to the Skopelos Dive Centre where you can take snorkel tours, dive in open water and even get official certification. Some of the tours leave from Neo Klima port taking you to diving sites nearby. For more information on the services and tours available please visit their website by clicking below:

Kayaking/ Canoeing 

Neo Klima is a great place to set off on a kayaking adventure. Tours can often be seen from the beach enjoying the calm seas and beautiful sights around the Western coastline.

Participants often enjoy dolphin sightings and even get a chance to see the elusive Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus). For information about the services and tours provided by Kayaking Skopelos please click the link below:


Neo Klima is situated beneath a series of majestic forest covered mountains that offer a great opportunity for hiking and exploration. Many of the footpaths are signposted but it's worth asking locals about interesting routes into the forest from the village.

There are several ancient goat paths that lead high above the village and provide wonderful views of the ocean and surrounding islands.  Make sure to wear appropriate footwear and to take plenty of water with you when you set out on your adventures.

Sports Areas

If you are interested in getting some exercise whilst visiting Neo Klima, please take advantage of our free to use sports areas. These include a large basketball/ netball court, tennis courts and a football pitch. There are also great spaces for jogging near the main beach. Always make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen while using these facilities during the summer months. 

Tour/ Boat Hire Companies

Panormos Tourist Office/ Car Rental

Tel: (+30) 24240 23380/ 22823

Wind Boat Rental

Tel: (+30)697 729 6448

Places to Go

Neo Klima is a truly beautiful area on the green island of Skopelos. We enjoy large beaches, wonderful spaces for nature walks and other local attractions. Browse this section for more information on what Neo Klima has to offer.


Neo Klima has three gorgeous beaches for you to enjoy during your stay. Beach loungers and showers are provided on the two largest beaches either side of the port. Both are a mix of pebble and sand, although the beach on the right of the port may be better for smaller children.

However, if you don't mind a little bit of a walk over some rocky areas you will be rewarded with a relaxing time on Hovolo Beach, voted the 8th best beach in Greece, 2016. 


Feel free to visit our local traditional Orthodox Church. Services are held regularly and its church bells can often be heard throughout the village. 

Please treat our local church with respect during your visit.

Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

Neo Klima is a great place for fun and activity, but it's also the perfect place to relax and indulge in some local treats.

We have a wide selection of eateries for you to visit during your stay and a full list of our food and drink establishments can be found by clicking below:

Neo Klima can offer traditional Greek cuisine, local baked goods and locally produced cheese, olive oil and (the famous) Skopelos Pie.

We are also home to local honey producers and their delicious produce can be found for sale in many of our village shops and hotels.

Nearby Neo Klima

Our little community is in the perfect spot for short  trips to other places on interest around Skopelos island. We're situated in the middle of the West coast which is home to some of the islands most popular beaches. We are also very close to other villages such as Panormos and Glossa and only a short drive from the famous Agios Ioannis church (the Mama Mia Chapel). Please browse below for more information.


The gravesite at Sedoukia is situated about a half-hour drive from Neo Klima. Be sure to have your camera ready on the way because the mountain roads have some spectacular views. The site can be accessed by hiking from the parking area along a rough foot path through the forest of Mount Karya. There are astounding panoramic views of Skopelos, the surrounding ocean and neighbouring islands throughout the hike. 

Video provided by

The site itself comprises 3 large graves cut into the rock which have been opened, leaving their large monolith cover slates pushed to one side. The origin of the graves is much debated among islanders and academics alike. Some believe that the graves are relatively recent and form part of Skopelos' pirate history. While others maintain that the grave site is much older, originating from the Ancient Roman/ early Christian era. 

Whatever the truth maybe, the area has a great atmosphere of mystery and provides some of the best views on the island.

Nearby Beaches

One of the advantages of staying in Neo Klima is that we are situated so close to some of the island's most beautiful beaches. By heading South out of the village you'll have access to Kastani Beach, Milia Beach and Panormos Beach. These wonderful locations can all be accessed by car or by using the local bus service. Both Kastani and Milia offer beach bar and beach lounger services, while Panormos is a popular tourist destination with many bars, cafes and tavernas to choose from.



By heading North out of Neo Klima you'll be able to visit Armenopetra Beach. Please be aware that it's quite a challenging drive along the rough road down to the beach and there are no beach bar/ sun lounger facilities. However, it offers amazing views of both Gloss and Neo Klima and is steeped in natural beauty. 


Delphi Mountain

Delphi Mountain dominates the skyline from most places on Skopelos being as it is the highest peak on the island. It is covered in pine forest and is accessible by foot only. For those experienced and adventurous hikers willing to make the climb it offers 360 degree views of the island. However, we would warn that it is quite a difficult journey and allsafety cautions must be taken when attempting the trek. 


The village of Glossa is situated to the North of Neo Klima. It is situated high up on the hillside overlooking the port of Loutraki. It has it's own small shopping district and traditional restaurants. The village has series of quite steep hills and stairways so be advised it may be difficult for wheelchair users to access some areas. There are parking areas off the main road through the village. At the top of the village is a very pleasant platia with a traditional church and several restaurants and cafes that offer wonderful views out over the ocean from the elevated location.

Agios Ioannis

(The Mama Mia Chapel)

Made famous by the hit musical Mama Mia, The Agios Ioannis Church is an extremely popular tourist destination on Skopelos Island. It's location on top of a large rocky outcrop overlooking the ocean captures the imaginations of thousands of visitors every year. Situated North of Neo Klima, it is accessible via car (approx 25 minute drive) or bus and boat tours out of the main port in Skopelos town (Chora). While the film version of the church has a large interior, please be aware that the chapel is actually quite small inside. Many misinformed visitors have expressed disappointment at this fact, so please remember that films rarely accuratelyrepresent reality. Please be respectful of this local landmark and recognise that it is a working place of worship for the people of the island.