Transportation In Neo Klima

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Getting to Neo Klima

Neo Klima is situated on the West coast of Skopelos Island. It can be reached via the main roads running throughout the island. Depending on which port you will be arriving in, please follow the google map routes posted below. Both routes offer beautiful views so have your cameras ready! There are buses running regularly to and from Neo Klima throughout the year. Please navigate to the bottom of this page to view the bus stop locations and timetables.

Loutraki Port to Neo Klima

Skopelos Town (Chora) to Neo Klima

Taxis, Car Hire and Parking

Neo Klima provides free parking throughout the village although spaces can be limited. However, there are large parking areas close to the main port and close to the beach.

Neo Klima offers several Taxi Services to and from locations all around the island. Please follow the links below to one contact one of our local drivers.

Andreas Karvelis Taxi

Tel: (+30) 6944132143

Skopelos Taxi Services

Tel: (+30) 6972841329


Stamatis Koukourinis Taxi

Tel: (+30) 6988544272

If you would like to explore our island on your own, please consider using our local car and motorbike hire services by following the link below.

Coastline Tours

Tel: (+30) 2424034277


Rent a Car Oasis

Mob: (+30)6977 846025

Tel: (+30) 2424033674

Tourist Moorings

Neo Klima offers plenty of space for yachts to moor at the main port. Prices are extremely low and there are nearby cafes, restaurants and apartments for those arriving by sea. Please treat our waters with respect and you'll be welcomed with open arms. 

Bus Stops and Timetables

There are 2 main bus stop locations in Neo Klima. Please use the maps below to find them.

Neo Klima to Loutraki Port

Serves Paleo Klima, Glossa and Loutraki Port. Approx 20 minutes travel time to Loutraki Port.

Neo Klima toward Skopelos Town (Chora)

Serves West coast beaches. Approx 30 minutes travel time to Skopelos Town (Chora)

 Bus Timetable

The bus timetable for Neo Klima can vary throughout the year. Please view our Blog Page for updated timetables or refer to the bus stops.

Keep your cameras at the ready to take advantage of the beautiful views along both of these routes!

During the high holiday season the times are as follows.

Neo Klima towards Loutraki Port

07:25 am

10:40 am

13:50 pm

17:10 pm

19:10 pm

20:40 pm

23: 40 pm

Neo Klima towards Skopelos Town (Chora)

8:20 am

09:05 am

11:15 am

12:05 pm

14:50 pm


20:20 pm

21:50 pm